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Pre-appointment Covid-19 Safety Rules

We are pleased to announce that Geraldine Malone Aesthetics is now back open with appointments available from July. The clinic has undergone a number of changes for the safety of our staff and customers and there is also a new set of rules to adhere to which have been put in place to keep you all as safe as possible. Please make sure you read the new rules before booking an appointment. We are really looking forward to seeing you all again.

Covid-19 Safety Rules

  • Patient Covid-19 pre-appointment wellness questionnaire to be sent electronically.
  • Temperature screening will be in place using a non-touch thermal thermometer. Patients will not be treated if temperature exceeds 37.3°C.
  • Patients are advised not to attend if feeling unwell, has members of household unwell, has a temperature or any other symptoms of Covid-19. Symptoms of Covid-19.
  • There will be a 15-day restriction on treating patients who have travelled overseas.
  • A foot operated sanitising station is set up where incoming patients can disinfect their hands. Patients are also advised to wear a mask/covering for additional protection.
  • Patients must attend the clinic alone and will be taken directly into treatment room on arrival if possible.
  • Patients should not attend appointment with shopping or excess belongings.
  • Only staff are allowed to use clinic toilet facility to minimise cross infection.
  • Removal of ALL soft furnishings in order for staff clean chairs/tables thoroughly between patients in line with current government guidance.
  • Removal of all paper and reading material from waiting area, including any leaflets.
  • I will be cleaning surfaces, counters, door handles, taps and any touch points between each patient/appointment.
  • Treatment couch to have no towels/covers disposable couch roll only.
  • I will be wearing fresh PPE for each patient.

We appreciate your co-operation in these unprecedented times and look forward to seeing you all again.

Geraldine Malone
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Geraldine Malone

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Your safety, results, follow up care and satisfaction are of utmost importance to me. Choosing an established clinic with highly a qualified experienced practitioner is key to achieving the best results possible.

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